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Rhesus negative Blood:

If you know you are rhesus-negative, and use a particular hospital, write to them and ask them how much rhesus negative blood they carry in their blood bank in case of unexpected emergency. Please register with us if you are prepared to donate your rhesus-negative blood (particularly O-negative). We will forward your offer to the Red Cross. We would like to monitor numbers of rhesus-negative donors available in Hong Kong.

Register at [email protected]


We are desperately short of patient advocates/ translators/ helpers to accompany refugees and help them access the medical help they need at government clinics and hospitals. Translation can be difficult and we would welcome anyone with language skills in French, Arabic, Somali, Tamil, Singhalese, Farsi, to please register with us at [email protected]

Children in hospital

We again need advocates to help parents stay with their children when they are in hospital. Parents who are refused access to their sick children may need an advocate to determine if their exclusion is medically necessary.

Register at [email protected]

Mental health

We are very grateful that MIND, the UK’s largest mental health charity, has agreed a joint venture to provide essential mental health resources to patients in Hong Kong. We hope to raise funds to expand MIND’s website, adapted as a bilingual Chinese-English resource that will provide information about mental health resources available in Hong Kong. We will be raising funds to translate MIND’s huge support library into Chinese. If any of you have written translation skills we would also like to provide key advice in other languages.

Register at [email protected]

What else can you do:

If you would like to donate or volunteer in any of the above, please email [email protected]